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Our History

Since 1962 our families have been exploring and searching for the Queen of Gems, some years with success but many not. Their tireless pursuit, strength and determination is testament to the passion they have for opal and has laid the foundation for the future generations.

our history

Aurora Gems, now two families combined are able to draw on their history, knowledge and expertise and in a manner unparalleled by their competition and are able to bring their clients a spectacular array of opals along with the confidence of all that is opal, not just from the mining, cutting and polishing aspect but also in assisting in selecting the finest stock to suit your particular needs.

Being a small family business, we mine our own opal, cut and polish our opal and sell it directly ensuring both the ethics and credibility of the entire process.

Who we are Today

Today Aurora Gems is a small team of Black Opal specialists whose focus is to provide our customers with the perfect opals to suit their requirements directly from our mines.

Our team mine the opal in Lightning Ridge and with many mining leases our supplies are guaranteed to be strong. We cut and polish in house to ensure fine cut gems and with this a full range of opal is available to meet our clients desires.

While specializing in exquisite opals for collection we are confident that we can meet all our clients needs, from large volume orders to single stone requests as our stocks are both varied and vast.

We strive to achieve the ultimate spectrum in the range of opal we supply and just as our forefathers, we believe in building relationships with our customers that transcend generations.

who we are today

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