Our Process


Over the years the methods used for finding and extracting the opal have changed quite significantly. From the early days where our fathers endured hand sinking shafts with a pick and shovel to today where mechanized digging machines and more efficient extraction methods have allowed for production to increase dramatically.

Our many years of knowledge and experience have allowed us to accumulate mine sites which put us well placed within the industry in having a sustainable supply of various types of Black Opal which we see is of utmost importance to our customers.

mining1 mining2


Our cutting is done in house by Michelle who was privileged to be taught the art by her father from a very young age. With his years of experience he handed down a wealth of knowledge about this remarkable gem.

Michelle’s keen eye and expertise are an invaluable asset and being able to draw on this allows her to optimize and achieve the full potential from each and every opal that comes before her giving each of our opals a quality finish not seen in other stocks.

We pride ourselves in presenting the best possible fashioned opals finished in a manner to show their utmost beauty.

Michelle Cutting Opal


Knowing your wishes desires and needs help us to better assist in selecting from our range of opals the pieces that may be to your liking. This is another reason we like to get to know our clients. Our interest lies in growing our opal family and keeping each of you happy.

We make regular trips to many countries to see you in your own offices and exhibit and various trade shows around the world and we always welcome you to visit us here. Now we are pleased to offer an additional means by which you can access our opals, please be assured we are only a phone call or email away with support, recommendations or advice.



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